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We are JZ&C Media Partners

Our Mission is to work alongside talent to create a heart-pounding, curiosity-driving message, captivate their fans with crystalline video and tangible audio, and drive their brand into the age of digital marketing.

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Are you exciting your fans (clients) or are you putting them in a coma?  Imagine crafting and being able to deliver a killer message that excites, motivates, and leaves them wanting more with a content so unique it automatically eliminates any competition.



A message is only as good as the filter through which it is transmitted.  Using amateur video and audio will get you amateur results, at best.  In the 4 seconds you have to grab someone’s attention, it better be crisp, clear, and dynamite.



Over 3 billion people use social media worldwide.  If you would like to make a fan out of any of them, they must be able to find you amidst the clutter of the internet.  SEO, content placement, and media optimization are a few core tactics that can shine a light on you and your talent.

It was an honor to do some quick work for Exodus United and Write To Be Scene. for their Youth Production, a show created, directed, and performed by the youth of Central Florida.

  • New Business Package

  • Creating Your Message
  • Crushing Your Message
  • 1 Press Release
  • 1 Landing Page
  • 1 Promo Video
  • 3 Testimonial Videos
  • 5 Social Media Videos
  • Revenue Booster Package

  • New Business Package
  • 3 Specialty Videos
  • --------------------------
  • Monthly Deliverable
  • ** 4 Social Media Videos
  • ** New content creation
  • ** Digital Marketing
  • ** Social Media Marketing
  • ** 1 MasterMind/Advisory Meeting
  • Live Events Package

  • Red Carpet Setup/Film
  • Maximize Testimonials
  • Promo Video (Pre-Event)
  • Social Media Content/Video (Pre and Post Event)
  • Pay-per-view live stream (int'l ticket sales)
  • VIP Section video content
  • Behind-the-scenes video content
  • Artist/Speaker Package

  • 5 Social Media Videos
  • Promo Video (book signing/premiere)
  • 2 Trailers (book/album/movie)
  • Who Is Video (Personal Branding)

Our Services Explained

Creating Your Message

This process is all about making your clients thirsty for what you offer.  From ideation to formulating the proper marketing analogies to creating an answer to “What do you do?” that excites them and leaves them curious to learn more.

Crushing Your Message

Once you have your powerful message, how you deliver it makes all the difference.  Here we create a 1 min to 30 minute presentation designed to blow the socks off any future client or investor.  How to crush your message is about talking from the heart and helping your audience take action.

Promo Video

Promo Videos are 30 second, 60 second, 90 second, 120 second or longer videos who’s main goal is to promote a product, service, event or artist/talent.

Sizzle Videos

Videos that are teasers that combine messages, visuals and audio that is fast paced to brand or market something.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are videos that are used to build trust to sell more products and services.  Asking the right questions and making these videos relatable to your audience is key.

Social Media Videos

Social Media Videos are short targeted videos that are precise whose goal is not to go into detail about a product, service, event or artist/talent but to capture new customers and re-engage prior and existing customers that your brand still exists.

Sales and Marketing Presentations

Sales and marketing presentation videos are persuasive videos that captures an audience and keep them engaged so our clients are able to close deals with their customers.

TV/Web Commercials

TV Commercials – Television Ads – short marketing videos that are aired on TV that are exciting and unforgettable clips about anything that can be marketed or promoted.

Web Commercials are short videos compressed for the web that are long and short marketing various products, services, events, etc.

Common Specialty Videos

Infomercials – Are long form commercials or marketing videos that are aired on TV and the web.

New Product Announcements – Are marketing videos about a new product or service that trigger our desire, curiosity and interest.

Point of Sales Videos – POS Videos are videos that are made for mainly in-store display to enhance a customer’s in-store experience with your brand and make your brand stand out from the rest. Usually they are used for in-store displays, in store screens and windows.

Exhibition Booth Promo Videos – These videos are to draw attention and show customer’s why they should visit the exhibitor’s booth.

Trade Show Videos – These videos are used to boost engagement and visually illustrate why people should care about your brand and buy your products.

Focus group Tapings – These are videos of events where mainly pilots of shows/movies are shown to elicit consumer perception about a particular topic or area of interest, this information is very vital and key to the marketing and potential success of a show/movie prior to being released.

Product Demonstrations – Videos that show’s a products purpose and urge’s people to buy the product by showing how it solve’s a problem.

Public Relations Videos – Are targeted videos that are created to persuade the public about your brand or product.

Other Specialty Videos

1. Explainer Videos – For different products, services or audiences.
2. Social Media Marketing Videos – Short & Catchy
3. Sales Videos – That address all prospect concerns and FAQS
4. Training/On-Boarding Videos – For clients or employees
5. Internal Company Videos – That communicate new initiatives.
6. Crowdfunding/Investment Videos – Raising Capital
7. Short Video Ads – Facebook, Instagram & Youtube
8. Email Drip Campaign Videos
9. How-To and Informative Videos – For Blogs or Websites
10. Tutorial Screencast Demo Videos – For Apps, Software or Website
11. Case Study Videos – Showcase Clients success stories
12. Powerful Testomonial Videos – That build credibility and trust
13. Holiday Videos – To show emotion and that you care
14. About Us Videos – Company Mission and Vision
15. Employee Recruiting Videos – To Promote and Highlight Specific positions
16. Fun Company Jingle Intro Videos – That your company will never forget
17. Day in the life videos – That provide a glimpse into your world/life (i.e Who is ????)
18. Before & After Videos – That prove successful transformations
19. Year End or Achieved Goal Videos – That show accomplishment and success
20. Thank You Video’s – When customer’s take your desired actions i.e, like a purchase or sale.
21. Tip’s and Trick’s Videos – To build authority and educate

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is all about being found by future clients in the noise and chaos of the internet and social media platforms, including:

Search Engine Optimization – Gain a competitive edge in search results on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Social Media Management and Advertising – Build brand awareness, customer loyalty, and client satisfaction

Email Marketing – With an impressive return on investment (ROI) of $44 for every $1 spent, email marketing is a must-have online marketing strategy

Website Design and Development – Nearly 90 percent of users shop with a competitor after a poor website experience.  This is your last chance to make a first impression.

Copywriting – Make sure the message is seen properly on all formats and use the right keywords in the right order.



Press Release

A critical way to ring the bell and get major outlets to look at you.  Those that pick you up help you build credibility.

Red Carpet

Imagine making your small company look like a large company?  The Red Carpet effect can do just that.  Do it right at your next event (you are doing events, yes?) and go viral.

We love to customize!

There is no one-size-fits-all.  Crafting a personal Message-Media-Marketing plan is not a task that should be taken lightly.  It’s what provides the lifeblood of your business.  Let’s do it right.